~A Clothing Design for Blaze Shadowhorn~

May 03, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

WOW!!! I have had the great honor of being Polyvorphed by Cassandra HexThorn!!! This is a great honor because many famous wizards have been Polyvorphed such as:
Angel WinterbreezeStephen Spiritcaller, The Friendly Necromancer, Kevin Battleblood, and most of the Ravenwood teachers.

This site is a site where Cassandra HexThorn makes a Wizard an IRL (In Real Life) version of their clothing/armor. The site URL is:

Cassandra made mine really cool xD Here is what it looks like:
Blaze Shadowhorn

The link to my Polyvorph is:

Thanks again Cassandra!!! =D


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