~Goodbye Mirkholm Keep, Hello Ravenscar!!!~

May 23, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

FINALLY!!! I finally beat Mirkholm Keep and now I am in Ravenscar. I beat all of Mirkholm Keep in 1 DAY! I am sooooo proud of myself haha XD There was a fun battle to finish off the area. The boss area was called "Wolf Palace". There were a few bosses in here which was really easy XD Here is a video and some pictures of it:

Entrance Way to the Battle

 Cool Water Thingy ;)


  1. when i defeated him the king told me to defeat jotun in nidivlar, is that what you are supposed to do?

  2. yea. You are supposed to do that then you get the Ravenscar quest


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