~New Mystery Artist Hint~

May 05, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey Wizards!!! We have a special treat for you today!!! Not 1 but 2 Hints revealing the Mystery Composers identity!!! it goes like this:
Hint #5 - "I’ve been on the Tonight Show, the Late Show and Late Night."

Who could it be??? If you have missed the previous hints they are listed bellow:
Hint #1 - "I’ve performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!"
Hint #2 - "My natural hair color is brown."
Hint #3 - "My gender is Male."
Hint #4 - "My eyes are not blue."

There ya have it folks! The past 5 hints so far on the Mystery Composers identity =D

For more information check out:


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