~New Site Sections!!!~

May 01, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

SWEET!!!! I have made some new sections for the site:
Section 1 - the Downloads section
    -You can find many items in this section that I can guarantee you will find helpful and useful. Some of these include Pet lists, house item lists, and area pricing.
Section 2 - the Spells section
    -In this section you can find links to my other site (which I don't use anymore) that gives you a list of every spell for every school (except the new Wintertusk spells).

These are really cool and I encourage you to go check them out now! Have Fun!!!
-Blaze Shadowhorn xD


  1. if you are using xfire, how do you put the videos on a blog.check out winterfinders way

  2. I don't use XFire for videos. I use HyperCam3.
    I would guess that once you have the video on your desktop or wherever you keep it.

    You type the post and click the video button and then click upload and go to wherever you saved the video and click on it and it will upload.

    Just a warning. It takes forever to load so I recommend posting it on YouTube then just follow the same steps as before but click upload from YouTube instead.

    Good Luck xD


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