~Myth Minion Army~

May 30, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Hey guys! So my friend Wolf Goldencloud who is like my bro and who has been with me through everything came up with an extraordinary idea for Wizard101.

Here is his idea:

"hi this is my first idea plz don't be to harsh ok to me minions aren't there to help to me you send minions to do your dirty work for the master (speaking of myth here) why do we need a minion to take our hits and that's all it does i say add a minion army card just for myth no treasure card one cost 6 pips summons talos (for attack) minotaur (for protect) cyclops (for all around) or this another idea for it summon 4 minions aka meaning taking the wiz who summoned it outa the fight all together pretty much using a moon spell but when ALL the minions die (witch isnt over powered because it cost 6 pips and all minions are easy to kill since the highest life minion is 1000 witch just wit gear boost with the sun card that is plus 225= all of them dead anyways) but it summons 1 talos and 2 cyclops and 1 minotaur so easy to kill all of them but making it so the myth wiz who used it wont be hurt as easy and minions go out and fight FOR there masters rather then WITH the master plz don't be harsh but give ideas"

Wouldn't that be sweet! XD For the original post, click on the link bellow:


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