~Hanging Out With Wizzy's part 1~

May 29, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! Today I had the great opportunity to hang out and chat with Mary Dreamshade who runs the amazingly awesomeness blog-pielovingnecromancer.com

It is a totally wicked blog with sweet info etc. Anyways so I met up with Mary, Edward Lifegem, and Sophia Silverheart.  You all know Ed by now so I am just gonna post a link to Ed's blog-edwardwintergem.blogspot.com

Sophia is actually the head of a group called "Spiral Explorers". They are a group of people who help people with questing and problems throughout the Spiral. The link to their page is:

After that, Ed and I decided to go to Wu area 1 and check on the language there. It was horrendous! We had to report a few people but for good reasons. Here is a video of Marys house and some pictures of the language we saw:

Had to report Adrian for Foul Language


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