~Meeting Up With Friendly's Wife, Bailey~

May 23, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Hey guys! Today I had the amazing chance and honor to talk face to face with Friendly's wife, Bailey Skystaff! She is a very nice and kind Wizard. It all started when I was on Xfire and I was chatting with Friendly. Bailey said that it was her and not Friendly. We had a conversation and long story short we decided to meet up in wizzy. We met up in Grizzleheim and then went to my house and talked. We chatted about pets etc. Bailey gave me the most generous offer in the WORLD and asked if I wanted to do the Waterworks with her and Friendly sometime :D I was so ecstatic haha XD Anyways we had a fun time chatting and I had fun spending time chatting with her :)

Here are some pictures I took:

Me and Bailey

Bailey's awesome pet talents XD

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  1. Yes, Baily is an amazing person, if a bit soft-spoken, in Friendly's shadow.


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