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August 10, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 20 Comments

Hey everyone!

My Blogaversary is just around the corner and I want to do something to celebrate! From now until September 12th, I will have a RaffleCopter where you can enter your name for a chance to win some of the following prizes.

One of Two 2,5000 Crowns Codes
Possibly a 5,000 Crowns Code
One of 3 Wizard101 Hoard packs of your choice

Do you want to know how you can win? Well keep reading and I will tell you :)

Not all of these prizes will be there at the start. In order to add more prizes to the loot, something has to happen. I want to hit 150+ Followers by my Blogaversary and I figured this would be a good incentive. All you have to do is spread the word to your friends and everyone you know to come here and follow my blog. It's as simple as that!

This is the ranking for the prizes:

Current Followers - 1 Hoard
140 Followers - The Second Hoard 
145 Followers - The Third Hoard
150 Followers - One 2,500 Crowns Code
155+ Followers - The Second 2,500 Crowns Code
170 Followers - A 5,000 Crowns Code

Make sure to spread the word about this contest so we can increase the loot! I know you guys don't want to miss out on the Crowns especially with Pirate101coming out soon ;) Winners will be announced on September 12th. NOTE: All winners will be checked on the followers list to confirm that they are following the blog. If they are not following the blog, they will be removed from the winners list and someone else will take their place. 

Prizes will be given out in order of numbers:

1 will get a 2,500 Crowns Code
2 will get a 2,500 Crowns Code
3 will get a Hoard
4 will get a Hoard
5 will get a Hoard
(If I hit 170 followers, all these will go down one and number 1 will get the 5,000 Crowns Code)

Make sure to check back every day and put your name in the raffle as many times as possible to increase your chances at winning. The RaffleCopter will be at the bottom of the page until the contest is over so you don't have to keep re-visiting this post. For all you bloggers and website owners, here's a tip. You can embed the RaffleCopter onto your website and that may help increase followers which increases the prizes. To embed the RaffleCopter, use this link.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone and let's get those follower numbers up :D

See you in the Spiral!

You can view the Giveaway on Facebook on my page Tales of the Spiral.


  1. Thank you for holding the contest Blaze!

  2. hiya Blaze :) thanks for the contest here.

  3. All the contest! You rock Blaze!!

  4. idk what to say ^-^ um, thx for the contest and may your blog stay up for many many more years

  5. What I enjoy the most about your blog is how you can write not just about yourself. You can be happy for others's hard work, to the point that you can post about it.
    Happy early blogoversary!

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  7. Thanks for the contest, and happy blog-a-versary man. Very true Destiny's comment.

  8. Happy Blogerversary Man ;) The best thing I like about your blog is that you always try to be original ;D

  9. Your interviews! You have so many! I need to sit down with some people.... :P

  10. Nice looking Blog you have here man.

  11. Nice blog and contest, thanks for the Raffle Copter tip :3

  12. I like because it's based on a original theme.

  13. I like how you have everything right here! :)

  14. ? my comment dissapeared
    I like the look and feel of this site great job


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