J-Todd Coleman Details P101 and Talks About Expansion

August 02, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So if you haven't heard about it yet, Forbes.com has released another article involving the Pirate101 Co-Producer  J-Todd Coleman and details for Kingsisle's newest MMO release, Pirate101. In this article, Mr. Coleman first talks about how in the future, Kingsisle will expand far beyond the "101" franchise and how competitors won't be able to match Kingsisles games.

"He also warns competitors that it would take at least $100 million and five years of development time to even think about competing with Wizard101 in the online space — something that big brands like LEGO, Disney and Marvel have tried, and failed, to do in recent years." Forbes.com

If this is true, we know that in the coming years we will be seeing a lot more from Kingsisle Entertainment. Competition will be tough as Kingsisle has competed against World of Warcraft, Rift, League of Legends as well as many other games for the title of MMO of the Year as well as other awards. Mr. Coleman then goes to state how both Wizard101 and Pirate101 are both based in the same universe (The Spiral) and have many similarities yet they rarely overlap.

"If Wizard101 is the traditional Heroes Journey, then Pirate101 follows the template of the Redemption story, or the Rogue with a Heart of Gold. To draw on an easy metaphor, if Wizard101 mirrors the story of Luke Skywalker, Pirate101 would be more akin to the adventure of Han Solo. Both are set in the same universe, but they are narratively and thematically very different." -J-Todd Coleman

When asked what type of production values he is bringing into Pirate101, Mr. Coleman said that the success in the begining is greatly because of Wizard101. This is because Wizard101 has a 25 million+ gamer fanbase who many will also cary on to play Pirate101. Mr. Coleman also stated that since Pirate101 when it is released will be as big as Wizard101 is now versus how it was when it started, the Pirate101 team is twice as big as the Wizard101 team and at sometimes even greater!
As I quickly touch back to the expansion from the "101" name, this quote from Mr. Coleman struck me in awe.
"We have more plans for the 101 universe, but we’re also looking to expand beyond it with other properties. Our ultimate goal, to summarize it easily, is to become the Pixar of the online gaming space."
In my personal opinion, this will definately happen. Let's be real. Wizard101 has a growing 25 million gamer fanbase and Pirate101 will definately go over that number in the future. We all know that realisticly, most of us who play Wizard101 will continue to also play Pirate101 and that the Pirate101 fanbase will imediately hit a high number from the start. There is no doubt in my mind that someday, Kingsisle will be the Pixar of the online gaming space.



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