Everything You Need To Know About: Monquista

August 19, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

  The land of Monquista is a great empire ruled by primate primitives. High class, and highly decorative these mammals though rich and powerful have huge egos. Monquista is a somewhat African looking world in the spiral which has only the confirmed Monkey/Ape species living there. It is very mountainous and there is little green plant life other than the small amount of green in the leaves of the trees. The government in Monquista is a Monarchy ruled by a king and queen. Both wear elaborate clothing and use the finest gems in their accessories. Along with the costly gems in the royal attire there is also the crown of the king made of gold. Normal monquistans also have hairstyles and clothing that stands out from other worlds. Most female monquistans have very tall hair styles that stand above their forehead and are about twice the size of their bodies. Other monquistans are merchents and what looks to be monks which are bald and are seen aiding pirates as companions.

  Battles in Monquista seem to be tough however since most of the evil NPC's are strong Apes like Gorillas in armor and chimps with spears. The gorillas seem to be the strongest and most fierce creatures in Monqustia and even for a simple world. They seem to rule the town. Monquista also has many brick buildings, statues and palaces which are very tall and large in the barren lands of the desert like savannah. The skies are are also a orange/yellow color making it resemble an African sunset. The skyways in Monquista have no confirmed monsters that roam the skies to attack ships yet, but stormgates are shown to be giant sand tornados that look much like giant desert sink holes. Monquesta is a rich landscape and a excelent world to vist in Pirate101.

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