NDA Has Been Lifted!!!

August 20, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments


"Hello Pirate101 fans!

I’m here to announce the NDA on Pirate101 Beta has been officially lifted. This means that you may now freely talk about the game without any worries. If you’re in the Pirate101 Beta, feel free to share pictures, talk about your characters, and discuss the game to the fullest. Your exciting reviews of Pirate101 continue to make us feel we have an exceptional game on our hands.

As a note, please keep in mind that Pirate101 is still in its Beta stage of production. Be aware that things are still subject to change while discussing Pirate101. If you play in the Beta, you will definitely still run into bugs and will still find there are some balance issues with the game that are not perfect yet. If Pirate101 was a bug free product at this time, we’d be launching the game today! 

Keep up the good work, Beta testers! Please continue to provide us with your excellent feedback and stay positive despite the balance issues. You may find yourself frustrated at points while you play through the beta and encounter content that is either too easy or too difficult, but be assured that we are listening and will provide you with an excellent game when Pirate101 is released." -One-Eyed Jack 

WOOT WOOT!!! Sadly after 3 days of not being sent my confirmation email, I entered the code again and got confirmed in 5 minutes! But now my internet browsers won't let me load the special page :/

Make sure to go check out all the other blogs and fansites for information on Pirate101!!!

See you in the Skyways!
-(Buccaneer) Blaze ;)

NDA Removed:


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