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August 26, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hello there Wizards and Pirates of the Spiral. It is I, Blaze Shadowhorn reporting to you live from my blog. Recently I helped Blaze Dragonhorn with his new blog Adventures of the Spiral and together we built it up from the scratch. It is an amazing blog where you can view tons of information and tales from Wizard101 and Pirate101. I highly suggest you check it out!

Blaze then made this amazing photo for me to use for my interviews page.

Isn't it epic? :D I love it a lot and I now display it on my Interviews page. If you haven't checked it out, you should! I have tons of amazing interviews with people like Diana Wildheart, Swordroll, Christina Icedreamer, Ditto, and Nelson Everheart. If you want to check out all my interviews, click here.

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