Everything You Need To Know About: Cool Ranch

August 21, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

   Pirate101 has released several official worlds along with the main hub of Skull Island. No one has heard however of the secret worlds Kingsisle remained unconfirmed. So far there is one "Unidentified World"and that is Polaris. Although Polaris seems to play a huge role in the storyline and has more information it has little pictures and or video of it's actual existence. Cool Ranch however has to be put together by the pieces of evidence you needed to collect from various websites and the video. I happen to have all the evidence in this post so no bother looking. I will link my source however after.
   To prove Cool Ranch to be real I would just like to take a quote from a article that has been on IGN and the Pirate101 website, "Visit far-away lands such as Skull Island, Cool Ranch, and Valencia while undertaking hundreds of quests along the way". The pieces of evidence seem to be the only logical descriptions of the world. Since most of the worlds in Wizard101 and Pirate101 make sense to their name. Cool Ranch sounds like a western world filled with cowboys and ranches and "Hey would you look at that, cowboys? Native American tipis with Buffalo men inside?" To me this isn't a coincidence. I believe that this is really Cool Ranch and even though it sounds like a salad dressing is a Western American themed world that is based in a Rocky Mountain type area. Most desert areas in video games often use these types of light brown mountain rocks as background which is what seems to be. The world itself is hidden but we can see a lot of new faces.

   Crows, Rooster (could be a seagull but has a red bulge under the neck), buffalo, and a Horse. All animals that you could find back in the old days of western America exploration. Another thing is the dress and weapons. Typical cowboys used guns which the horses and crows seem to have. Along with this they are all dressed with cowboy shirts, cowboy hats, and even spiked boots. These all are obviously from the same world and I think the only one that is somewhat out of place is the buffalo which I thought (maybe it could be a ice age theme), but between Wintertusk, Polaris, and Grizzleheim I think the spiral has seen enough snow. I thought it did look like a Native American Tipi and so that is what I am going with. Correct me when I'm wrong when it comes out but for now that is my theory. Also I have video evidence of the horse so here you go. Thank you for listening!

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