Really... What is a Companion?

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Batman had Robin...  Mermaid Man had Barnacle Boy...  and Merle Ambrose had Gamma. How does this all tie together? All of these are examples of sidekicks and companions. Let's do some research on Companions and how they will play a part in our Pirate lives.

Now what exactly is a companion? According to


  1. A person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels.
According to Pirate101:
Companions are special helpers you pick up along the way in your Pirate adventures. They range in appearance and have different fighting styles and special abilities. Your Companions help you in battle as well as travel along beside you as you quest through Skull Island!

Companions... They come in various shapes and sizes...

As of now, we only know a certain amount of information regarding companions.

  • Your first Companion is unique to your Pirate's story
  • Additional Companions can be earned through Main & Side Quests
  • You can choose your favorite or most powerful Companion to be your Pirate's Sidekick
  • You can order your Companions to pick who is most likely to help you during combat
  • Companions have special powers & combat abilities
  • Companions can be trained & promoted
Is it me or do Companions seem like the Wizard101 pets? For example, they help you in battle, the follow you everywhere, and they can be many different things. Did I mention you can train them?

Yup, that's right. As your Pirate learns new skills and advances through the Spiral, your Companions may learn and train as well. Each time your Pirate advances a level, you gain special training points to level up your Companions.

Additionally, some Companions may be promoted. Once you complete a special promotion quest for them, they’ll become more powerful and look even cooler!

Then you have your companion attributes which to me are like the pet skills in Wizard101. See any similarities? (will, agility, strength, etc.)

Both your Pirate and your Companions have Attributes. Attributes are a particular Stat that is applied to your Pirate and Companion.

Strength increases damage for melee weapons.
Agility increases damage for ranged weapons & finesse weapons.
Will increases damage for magical attacks.
Accuracy improves the chance that your attacks will hit the enemy.
Dodge decreases the chance that enemy attacks will hit you.
Armor helps reduce the damage taken from physical attacks.
The range of damage an attack will typically deal.
Resistance helps reduce the damage taken from magical attacks.

As you can see, the comapnions will play a key part in our Pirate life. They will be like your best friend. Help you in your time of need, support you, and protect you. I personally can't wait to find out more about companions and I look forward to seeing what else KI has in-store for us :)

Keep sailing the Skyways!


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