~Goodbye Friendly~

April 28, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

A sad incident has occurred in  the world of blogging and Wizards world wide! It breaks my heart to say this  but... Friendly has stopped blogging ;( It is soooooo sad to see him go. He was an inspiration to me and to all the bloggers of wizard101. He was the first ever blogger about wizard101 and he has taught all of us many life lessons... He was my hero/model because he inspired me to start my 2 wizard101 sites and he was the one who helped me get started. He would talk about me on his site and he was a HUGE part of my blogging carer.  He will forever be in our memories and he will ALWAYS be an inspiration to bloggers and wizards world wide.
-Blaze Shadowhorn


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