~Test Realm Items Go Live~

April 13, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

That was quick! The items from the test realm have gone live! Now you can buy those awesome amulets that can give you the ability to use power pips for your secondary school! If your ever in a tough situation where you cant use your main school spells, you can now use your secondary school spells with the ability to use power pips for them! The amulets cost a big 10,000 Crowns but there worth it! Also the mini-game house items have come out for 2,000 Crowns each or you can buy the "Bundle of Fun" which gives you 8 mini-game house items for only 9,500 Crowns!!! Go to the Crown Shop and buy your amulets and mini-game house items now! No need to go to the fairgrounds to get your potions filled anymore, go to your house!


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