~Meeting Up With The Good Wizards of Stormy Skies~

April 28, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

WAZZZ UPPP WIZZY AMIGOS!!!  A few days a go I met up with my amazing friends Tristan and Kieran from Stormy Skies. We hung out on the test realm in Grizzleheim and did some questing together.
They are the some amazing people who are really awesome and fun to hang out with. They run a blog about wizard101 just like me and it is pretty cool! You should go check it out! They have info on their pets which are pretty cool I must add xD If you want to check it out which you should, go to the following link:

Here is a pic me Tristan and Kieran took


  1. Lol, BLOOOM. I have to keep bloom off most the time. Had fun meeting up and I will be posting later tonight! Keep up the awesome work dude.

  2. K and thanks X xD dude XFire says your AFK.

    After all my (4) years of playing wizard101... I still don't get what Bloom does lol xD


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