~New Wintertusk Test Realm Update!~

April 26, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

FINALLY!!! The Wintertusk Test Realm update has gone viral! There are soooooo many new things you can buy and do! For instance; you can have your mounts roam around your house or dorm, New Pets and Plants, New Crown Shop tabs  (makes it easier to locate items), wand stitching, the return of Crab Alley,  new spells, and everyones favorite..... WINTERTUSK!!!
I am especially happy that Wizard101 has brought back our favorite emoticons (see end of post)
Here is a picture with my new pet from the crown shop (regard that this is not the Ice level 58 pet)
This pet is called Spirit of Nature and it can be bought for 3000 crowns
This next part comes directly from Wizard101.com
For more info check:

The Story of Grizzleheim Continues with Wintertusk!
Word of your deeds in Grizzleheim has reached the ears of the greatest of the ravens, none other than Grandmother Raven herself. She's calling you to rescue her from the Coven....

You will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Everwinter" quest in Grizzleheim. When you begin your quest to rescue Grandmother Raven, you will be sent to Hrundle Fjord, the main area in Wintertusk.

Hrundle Fjord is a small walled Viking-style village, primarily inhabited by bear warriors and traders. There is a small dock outside where merchants and warriors enter the area. It’s remote and cold, perpetually covered in snow, and it’s among the older places in Grizzleheim. The surrounding areas are full of wild creatures and barbarians.

Wintertusk contains 5 main areas: Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund and the areas of Nordrilund & Nastrond are bundled together. Each of these areas are Premium areas that will require a Membership to enter, or individual areas will be available to be purchased with Crowns when Wintertusk arrives in the Live Game. Each area will be 1995 crowns.

New Pets!
New pets can be obtained through a quest given to you by your school Professor!
 You must be at least level 58 and have completed the Grizzleheim quest
 "Nordrilund Exposure" to obtain this quest.


  1. wow. thanks for the updates. can you also post the new spells. thanks. i would apreciate it. AND I CANT WAIT UNTIL WINTERTUSK COMES TO WIZARD101

  2. Yea sure! The problem is I don't know what they are lol. Check the my next post because it semi relates to what your asking. and I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!! XD


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