~Level 58 Pets~

April 30, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Heyz wizzy fans xD Ok so like this will be a short quick post but I would like to recognize Ryan Ghostblood from Facebook for creating and posting the FIRST ever video I have seen of ALL the level 58 pets! It is an amazing video and you should watch it and subscribe to him. Congrats again to Ryan Ghostbloood on the first ever video on ALL  the level 58 pets of Wizard101.

Credit goes to Ryan Ghostblood

Here is another video I found 
Credit to marilynmonroe04  


  1. Really neat. I want me some of them lol.

  2. Me to! Once I get Ice Wayvrn, I am gonna hatch it with Forest Lord so I get the Ice Forest Lord pet xD


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