~Test Realm Re-Opens~

April 08, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Ok so this is a really sweet update, not just because the test realm is online again but because...... Wizard101 has created some amulets that you can wear that let you use power pips for a secondary school! How cool is that!!! I bought my very own earlier today on Brahm's account. I bought the life amulet. FYI all the amulets cost 9950 Crowns but they are sooooooo worth it!!!! here is a picture of what it looks like in the Crowns Shop:

This amulet basically lets you use power pips for any school you want (as long as you have the amulet for it) 

Do you remember how when you bought the Game Stop $40 gift card you got those mini-game house items.... Well on the test realm..... You can now buy them for 2000 Crowns!!! Hows that for good pricing! Although it is nice to buy them separate, you can buy a  bundle pack which is called "Bundle of Fun" which gives you like 8 mini-games!!! The catch is it costs 9500 Crowns. This is actually a good deal because if you bought 8 mini-games separately, It would cost you 16,000 Crowns!!! Thats a lot of crowns to spend on housing items... Here are a few pictures of the mini-game items:
Here are the mini-games for 2000 Crowns (Choo-Choo Zoo is cut off though)

Here is the Bundle of Fun

Here is the link to the test realm page on the wizard101 website:


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