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April 29, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SO LISTEN UP! There is a blogger who is copying posts from other sites and using them as their own.
1. They are not siting it
2. They didn't ask for permission 

If this is happening to you, remember to talk about it with other fellow bloggers. I know that this has happened to Kevin BattlebloodHomework In a Graveyard and many more sites.

If you think this has happened to you, send me an e-mail at mywizard101site@gmail.com with your site URL and that you want the URL of the site that is copying posts and I will reply with the sites URL.

Thank you for reading this and taking this under concideration.

-Blaze Shadowhorn 
Site Owner


  1. This has happened to Diana Wildheart at http://dianawildheart.blogspot.com .. One of her posts got copied ENTIRELY onto Ashley's blog. And Ashley has not cited Diana at all, changed the words in the blog and acted like they were hers.

  2. I know right! It is so unfair! It happened to Kevin Battlebloods guide of the Waterworks. Ashley has to start citing because she has gone against many copyright laws already and it is unfair to all of us bloggers who work so hard on our posts.


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