~Tornado Destruction across the U.S.~

April 30, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

It has been a very sad week for the U.S. Many states have had countless tornados and tornado warnings. Between April 16-18 2011, there were 97 tornados!!! Thats insane and totally un-safe. Where I live, there was a tornado warning and my family and I had to take precautions in case we  got hit by a tornado. The worst tornado that happened was the Tuscaloosa Tornado. This tornado was an F5 tornado!!! Thats the worst of the worst! Our prayers are with everyone who has dealt with this treacherous disaster. Keep those in your mind because some people lost everything they had and owned. Bellow are some videos of the tornados and some aftermath:
 Footage of the F5 tornado in Tuscaloosa

A Picture Slideshow About The Tornado Aftermath

Apison TN Tornado Aftermath


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