~Crab Alley Completion~

July 10, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So I finally beat Crab Alley (on my ice)! It took a while (cause I was lazy and didn't feel like questing in it" but I finally did it :D I kinda did it on my grandmas laptop so I don't have pictures. I wish I did... Anyways this was my deck:

Starter Deck:
3 Blizzards
3 Frost Giants

I also had Snake in a Basket on which gave Gargantuan and the Dragon Rider boots that give Gargantuan.

Basically it was a very good deck that was quick to kill. I hit a good 563 damage on a normal Blizzard (no equip spells). Every once in a while I would equip gargantuan cause I was bored lol.

Well anyways that's the end of this blog post so until the next post, cya in the Spiral!


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