~Could Fairy Wings Lead Into New World?~

July 14, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Yes you heard me right. Wizard101 has come out with Fairy Wings. (mount). It is pretty sweet considering it comes in 3 different colors! Each mount costs 7,500 Crowns. You have the:

  • Blue Fairy Wings
  • Orange Fairy Wings
  • Purple Fairy Wings
I personally like the blue wings because they match my outfit :P The orange wings look like a monarch butterfly lol. They purple wings are cool but I wouldn't get them. Anyways lets get started on this post. You say "Blaze, you already started the post..."  Well we did but now we are hitting the cool part. 

So as you know, many new worlds have been built these past few years and I believe that KI is stepping up and giving us a whole new WORLD! I think it will be Fairy based. Like we have fairy wings and Professor Greyrose is a fairy... So technically it is probably a fairy world. There have been many theories like this from many other wizards and bloggers throughout the Spiral. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the post! Here is the link to the Wizard101 info on the Wings. Click Here.
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