~Huge Events In The Spiral~

July 17, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So as you can guess from the title, two huge things took place in the Spiral a few days ago. Well first we had a Waterworks run done by Friendly, Fallon Storm, Fallon Shadowblade, and Stephen Spiritcaller. This was live on Ravenwood Radio. It was soooooo cool watching them do it. We had a fun party outside while we were watching the livestream.
Here is the link to the livestream:

Next today we had the United We Stand PvP tournament hosted by Cassandra Dragonheart. It was fun because it was a great opertunity to hang with friends, meet new people, and enjoy pvp :) It was very cool and I was listening to the livestream courtesy of Kevin Battleblood. Cassandra Dragonheart was co-livestreaming it. It was really cool to hear the commentary and see it at the same time. Here are the links to it:

Match #1 - here
Match #2 - here


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