~New Podcast Going Live Soon~

July 29, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Introducing.... Spiral Live!!! Well I have teamed up with Nicholas Lionrider, lionriderking.blogspot.com, and a fellow WCP member to bring you Wizards a new live Podcast! It will go air soon. We are still deep in thought etc. We are planing for Saturday nights. It will be awesome! We will have guest hosts, weekly topics, and a new blog of the week segment! Thats a good way to get all you new bloggers a start in the blogosphere :)

More info to come but until then, Peace!

Here is the link to Nicks post on the Podcast:
Click Here


  1. Good luck with your podcast, sounds like it will be cool!

  2. I certainly wouldn't mind guest starring on your podcast :D Like the friendly necromancer said: it's always polite when people invite my special brand of insanity along for the ride :)


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