~New Outfits, Dean's Wand, and Pet Rank Ups~

July 04, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! Blaze here so like most of you have probably seen or heard of my new outfits. Well I have 3 new outfits (besides my Ravenwood Ball outfit). I have my main outfit (level 60 gear), my 4th of July outfit, and my Guardian Support outfit. Here is how they look like:
Main outfit, 4th of July outfit, Guardian Support outfit
So yea. The first outfit is my main outfit. It contains my level 60 gear except the boots because I have the level 55 crafted boots. Next is the 4th of July outfit which is just Marleybone clothing. Last is the Guardian Support outfit. I basically took my level 58 clothing and dyed them.

Next in this post I am gonna talk about my new Dean Darkflame's Clever. It is a wand I have been farming for, for a long long long long long time lol. I have been farming for it ever since I was in Dragonspyre lol. Well after Celestia came out I stopped farming for Dragonspyre wands. A few days ago I was helping Patrick Emeraldeye in The Labyrinth and what would you know! I got the wand!!! It took forever to get. Patrick got the Property Master wand which I still  want/need to complete my Dragonspyre wand collection. It is a very nice wand. It is the wand I wear with my Guardian Support outfit as you see in the picture above. Here is a picture of the wand:

Pet Rank Ups:
Ok so recently I have been ranking up my pets. I heard that to get a level 48 hybrid, you must hatch another hybrid with it. Sooo I have ranked up my Creeper pet (Ice Hydra) and it actually surprised me! I got some pretty wicked talents out of him (saying he only has a 54 pedigree). He gives the talents, Ice Giver and Pip O' Pleanty. I hatched it with my (almost like a bro) friend, Chris Griffen's Ice Hound.  Now you might be like "Oh Blaze! You must have gotten that Ice Hound!" Well actually no. I didn't get the Ice Hound... I actually got a Creeper again but with a 59 pedigree! I thought it would have amazing talents due to having an Epic and Super-Rare slot but nooooo, it has to have pip o pleanty and a plus 50 knowledge talent.

Well since I am in a rush I gtg now like I gtg now and help get ready for tonight IRL. Well Cya guys! Here is the info for tonights party:

Where: Ice Tower, Realm Scarecrow Area 1
When: 9pm-12am EST (Eastern Time)
Pick Up: My Storm Wiz will be there to pick you all up.

We have a good 300+ Wizards attending tonight and we might even hit 400! We have 3 mini parties also. Cya tonight :D


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