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Hey guys! So if you remember my post on mine and Talon Thunderblades Twintuition, well Talon made a post about that himself which you can find here. Turns out we both have a profession for drawing! Well in the post Talon included a picture of me. Not a snapshot but a picture. He drew me and it was remarkable! Recently I have also been drawing. Bellow is the picture Talon drew of me and then my drawings:

Talon's Drawing

My Drawing. Step by Step at end of post (Hair is messed up I know. Check bottom of post for corrections)


Wizard City Protectors Picture

Here is the step by step process for the drawing of me by me:

No Color

See how the hair isn't messed up like in the final picture ;)

More Color

Here is where the Hair went wrong ;(
Anyways gratz for getting to the end of the post ;) Cya in the spiral!

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  1. I really like the anubis drawing. Btw, did you draw your wiz from computer screen or from my drawing?-Thunderblade


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