My 4th of July Party Summary~

July 12, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! Well as most of you know cause of all the talk throughout the Spiral, I had my 4th of July party. It was HUGE! We had 300+ Wizards attend! Even 9 hours before the party started we had a good 20 Wizards camping out in the Ice Tower. I ported there a few times to talk to the Wizards waiting. I also took some friend requests so they could reserve their spot at the party. We had many contests and prizes that we gave out. I gave out a good 200+ cards as prizes. We had many Wizards take pictures and video of the event which they sent to me. 

How many of you know of Wizard101 Press? * everyone's hands go up*. Well Jason Storm (manager of the press) and many other wizards of the press reviewed the party. It was a stunning review that took my breath away (in a good way). Here is what they said:

 "Ravenwood Ball was great, but it was to crowded and to many party crashers just demolished the tower of awesomeness. I was really disappointed, and I went to a couple other parties and none of those were able to rebuild the tower. 

July 4th, 2011. A party was brewing, the seams bursting. 5,4,3,2! 1!  Porttttttt, the name reads Blaze Shadowhorn and his Port Busmen. Must say I didn't get on the port bus because Wizard101 just wouldn't let me port to him. My great friend Deathy Wiz told  Blaze that I wasn't able to port to his alt. Blaze, HIMSELF went to the Ice Tower, added me and we became really good friends. This is my review:

Port Bus: A+
Security: A
Hosting: A++
Contests: A+
Housing: A+
Overall Review A+++++++++++++++++++ 200%

Final Words: " Blaze, you rebuilt the tower 5 miles high!"

Jason Storm- Wizard101 Press Manager
Approved by reviewer: Jack Icecaster- Wizard101 Press Head Reviewer"

Isn't that like the most totally shocking awesomeness review ever!!! Basically they said it was better then the Ravenwood Ball! That means the WORLD to me and I just want to thank everyone at the post for the amazing review.

Well that concludes this post.  Bellow are 2 YouTube videos of the party and the link to my livestream:
my  video (you can also find it on YouTube)


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