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July 06, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 3 Comments

Hey guys! Blaze here. Right now I am in the car.on my dads droid x posting this. Thank god or smart phones :P Anyways So I am in the car with famiky driving to DC.
Anyways I will be making like 5 new posts over the week. I am gonna have a huge post on the 4th of July party and about the review the party got from Wizard101 Press. The review left me speachless (in a good way). Imagine the best feeling in the world times 3 :D anyways I have a list of drafts ready to post plus I have a list on topics I have to post about.
Well onto tonight... Who's listening in to Ravenwood Radio! I know I am going to. I am going to try my best to be at the after party. Anyways, if i'm not there please comment and tell me what happened :)
In other news... have you checked our followers section lately? I have and I am proud to say that:
1. We have gotten 8 new followers this week :D
2. We are one follower from 70 followers!!!

Thanks to all of you for helping me reach this milestone. I also want to say thanks to all you 200+ wizards who came out to the party :)

Anyways I am about to loose connection but im just gonna leave you with something to think about... since we have almost 70 followers, 200+ posts and 15,000+ views... I am gonna hold a contest soon but I don't know what to do... comment with ideas.
Cya in the Spiral!


  1. 70 now :)

    ~Keep It Dead
    Justin Shadowblade

  2. No 73! XD

    ~Keep It Dead
    Justin Shadowblade


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