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June 23, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So last night 6/22/11, Ravenwood Radio had Episode 43. Sadly I missed it :( I had a friend over so I wasn't able to listen in and go to the after party. Anyways... I am listening to it right now and I heard someones name at 2:47... If you can't guess whos name it was... Fallon said MY name! XD Fallon talked about her busy week in Wizard101. She discussed how she did Waterworks with  Friendly, Bailey, and I. It was pretty cool hearing my name being said on Ravenwood Radio :D Well through the rest of the episode a lot of stuff was covered. Fallon (Diary of a Wizard) guess stared and talked about the Ravenwood Ball this Saturday and what the preparations were for it etc. etc.

The second to last segment was Christina Icedreamer (aka IcyWiz)  talked about how Wizards are talking to their pets as if they are "pageant moms". She discussed a list she wrote down of the top 10 most weird things people were saying to their pets. There where some hilarious quotes that where just pure ROFL material :P

The last segment on Ravenwood Radio Episode 43 was the Daring Adventures of Ditto Episode 27. It was very interesting as we heard Ditto begin his illustrious journey into the devastating world of Dragonspyre *cue evil music* DUN DUN DUN! It was very interesting to be in Ditto's foot steps as he started Dragonspyre. He also let out a very special announcement that is very epicness. Ditto just released his 200th YouTube video!!!! Gratz Ditto my man er "Fabricated American" :P Ditto also released a video that is a behind the scenes look at Ditto and Miss Narrator recording episode 27 of the Daring Adventures of Ditto! It was super duper awesomely cool and I hope you guys will enjoy the video. Bellow is a link to Ravenwood Radio Episode 43 and the Ditto backstage video.

Ravenwood Radio Episode 43 - http://tinyurl.com/5ucgj5a
Ditto's 200th Video Post - http://tinyurl.com/67swajr


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