~Ravenwood Ball so far and the conclusion~

June 25, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Yo wizzys! So as you know, today is the day of the RAVENWOOD BALL!!! I have been in Ravenwood since 8:00 Eastern Time. SOOOOO many people are already at Ravenwood kickin back and talking to other Wizards to pass the time. I have been hanging out with Edward Lifegem and Mark Stormhunter and we have been relaxing etc. Earlier today, Mark helped me with my house. We checked it out, made sure everything looked nice. We also made a Scavenger Hunt!!! Here is how it works:

There are 10 Scrolls hidden inside the house and 10 scrolls hidden outside the house. The first person to correctly show me the location of all 20 Scrolls will receive some amazing treasure cards! Correction. Due to the amount of treasure cards we have recieved from Wizards, we will be able to  have multiple winners!!! Here are the Wizards who contributed Treasure Cards to give as prizes

  • Edward Lifegem
  • Luke Goldhorn
  • Mark Stormhunter
  • Travis Titantheif
  • Rebecca Sparklehunter
  • Patrick Dreamfinder
Here is a video I recorded. The link is on Livestream:

7 hours later...

 Wow! This has been an amazing party! I am so glad I got to take part in the Ravenwood Ball this year. It has been such an amazing experience. My party has already ended so I am currently at another party. I am doing PvP with Timmothy Lighttalon and Edward Spellcaster. We have been doing this PvP for a good hour probably. My Snake in a Basket has used Sprite non stop. He used it twice in one round :P  Right now 2/4 people on my PvP team are dead :(

Anyways during my party, I had many Wizards there, some famous, some not. I had Friendly, Bailey, Fallon Shadowblade, Luke Goldhorn, Pyromancer Jonathan, Diana Wildheart, Paige Moonshade, Morgrim Battlegem, Amber Rosepetal and many other Wizards. I had a good 30-40 Wizards there. Not the full 100 I was hopping for but it was a Community event so thats life :P So for my contest I had 3 winners. 1 winner found all 20 scrolls. Then people became lazy so I had to change it to find 5 outside and 5 inside. I gave out sooooo many treasure cards! I am saving the last 200 for my 4th of July Party! It is going to be huge!!!!!! :D 

Here is a Livestream video I recorded about the Ravenwood Ball:

Here is a Livestream video that the Ravenwood Radio crew recorded about last years Ravenwood Ball:

Well that's all I have for this post... To conclude this post all I have to say is thank you Fallon Shadowblade for another amazing party and gratz to Diary of a Wizard on it's Birthday!!!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Me Ed and Mark

Me Ed Mark and Morgrim

Me Taylor and  Matthew

Fire Elf Army

Guy who looked like Kevin Battleblood

my party

my party

my party

my party with friend who ported who was Balance :P

Quinn in front of Talos :P

my party with Amber, and Diana

Casting a Balance Spell

my party

my party

my party

See ya in the Spiral!
-Blaze Shadowhorn


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