~Waterworks Accomplishments~

June 05, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So yesterday and today I have been doing Waterworks a lot haha XD I did it once and got to final boss but one person in the group didn't know that you cant blade on trap bubble and equip traps during the blade bubble. We got Ra after Ra for 3 turns haha. We ended up dieing with the boss having 5,000 health left haha. Later that night I decided to do Waterworks again but this time, I met up with Richard NightRider from http://thoughtsofanecromancer.blogspot.com/ and we decided to do Waterworks together along with the help of 2 other Wizards. Richard and I were soooooo tired after the 1st boss lol. I had to literally stand up IRL and walk around to keep myself awake lol. It was still very fun and if I could I would not take it back because.... I GOT MY ICE LEVEL 60 HAT FROM THAT RUN!!! XD I was so excited yet I was so tired so all I did was go and change the color to match my clothing and then I crashed (went to bed) lol.

Right now I am doing Waterworks with Fin from finandquinn.blogspot.com and we are on the final boss. We just killed the Death boss and now we working on the Water-Wing boss. It is traps turn right now and the water-wing has a feint on it.  nvm bubble just switched to blades so Alex will use Efreet boss. We know on a blade round again with Seth (our storm/killer) almost dead but we are healing him. I just used Dark Pact on Seth and he will Levy the water-wing. Seth used Levy on Water-wing but it has 700 health left. We are all attacking the main boss now cause water-wing is dead. Main boss has 12,000 health left. Fin took out the Water-Wing with RA. Alex has only a few cards left but he saving for Efreet. OH Seth just got a critical with no block tempest for 2,900 exact damage to boss. I just healed Seth so yea. Boss has 8,031 health left. Ack boss just switched to blade bubble and Alex used Efreet hitting a crucial 2,600 damage. Sadly the bosss used  Ra but thanks to the Efreet -90% to next attack blade  so it only did from 78-112 damage XD Fin just critical Judged with block for 1,822 damage XD O: Boss just used Satyr and got +430 health haha Bubble just changed to traps.  Boss has 4,300 health while Alex just used Efreet for 1,719 damage XD  Seth used Triton for the final blow of 3,700+ damage XD I am soooo happy XD I got my level 60 robe :)

Here are some pictures of the battles and my new clothing:

Hat and Robe

Robe Stats

Hat Stats


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