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June 02, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

HEY FELLOW WIZARD101 PLAYERS! So recently I have had the honor of joining 2 amazing blogs! Well one is actually a group but they have a blog. Anyways I was invited by Mary Dreamshade (Pie Loving Necromancer) to join her community blog called, http://bloggersofthespiral.blogspot.com. It is an amazing  blog where any wizard can join and just post about their wizard101 life etc. I have made many posts on the blog and so has everyone else. It is a very nice and friendly blog and I encourage you to check it out and follow it XD

Next we have a group/blog that you have probably heard of  due to some of my recent posts. Anyways, the group is called "Spiral Explorers" and the blog link is:
It is a very cool group that helps Wizards out with problems they are having. Besides that, each wizard in the group has a certain job. Mary is the person who finds out new info on pets and I am the person who handles anything to do with houses.

Anyways make sure to check both of our blogs out.
Blaze Shadowhorn XD


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