~Greetings From The Beach~

June 20, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Aloha!!!! Well actually i'm not in Hawaii but i'm at a different beach. It is soooooo windy and beautiful out here :) The beach is the one place I feel completely connected to nature (besides open plains of grass and forests). It is so calm out here and it is just magnificent! Today my family plan is to go to the beach, do some surfing, and hang ten dude ;P Surfer talk lol XD

So some of you might be wondering how I am actually making this post even when I said that there would be no wifi... Well the answer is there IS wifi XD I played some wizzy this morning, I got my 1000 crowns from winning the Diary of a Wizard Ravenwood Ball Facebook Contest! Thanks again Fallon XD I used the crowns to buy 2 Dragon's Hoard card packs. This time I wanted to try for some level 50 gear so I bought the packs on my Balance. I got 2 Assailing Dragon pets, furniture, reagents, and some plants. Sadly I got no gear or mounts :(

Well I gtg now for breakfast so I will keep you guys posted etc.
See ya in the Spiral!


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