~New Dragon's Hoard Card Pack and New Header~

June 12, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Yoooo wizzys :L So I know I am kinda late on this because I have been tied up with stuff IRL but there is a new card pack in wizzy!!! Introducing the Dragon's Hoard card pack! In it you can get amazing new gear, very cool house items, many new pets and 2 EXCLUSIVE MOUNTS!!! You heard me right! You can now get a very rare Bone Dragon mount and a Dragon's Wings mount! The Bone Dragon looks just like a skeletal dragon but without the horns. The new pets are dragons with very high Pedigree like 62-66 Pedigree XD They can give Spritely etc. Mine gives Gargantuan and Curse :D
 For more information on this click on the link:

The pack costs 399 crowns but remember! It is very rare to get the Bone Dragon but many people have gotten it. Oh and Ed Lifegem got it fist try and got Sea Dragon also from it XD

Also, our new header is based on the Dragons Hoard card pack. It has a picture of the gear and the stuff it gives.

Here are some pictures of the pack and what it gives:

Me and My New Gear

See Friendly is rockin the New Gear xD


  1. for the sultans palace do you have to be lvl 15?

  2. No, you can be any level if you purchase a gift card like the Massive Fantasy Palace or the Sultans Palace.
    Hope this helps :)


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