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Hey wizzys! So recently Widescreen Warrior wrote a review on Wizard101! He talked about how Wizard101 is a kid friendly environment and the graphics etc. He talks about how he plays with his Daughter "And best of all, I got to play with my daughter (which granted, consisted of her yelling at me to follow her somewhere) with a game she could understand and tell me how to play."

I found it interesting when he talks about the creativity used in game and the shopping. Here is an excerpt from the review:

"Creativity and Shopping go hand in hand, and in the case of my daughter who spends more time at character creation than anything else- is a major component to the game. When you create a character, you go through the storyline of being summoned to the castle by the headmaster, to helping out other students and even getting your own dorm room. And of course you can decorate your room with knick-knacks you find along your journey to going as far as to buy furniture. As you get more gold, you can even buy your own castle (size depending on cash on hand and level) and decorate as well. So not only do you get to buy clothes, wands, hats and other cards, but you can even buy your own furnishings to your own house. I remember EverQuest having a feature for Guild Houses, but your own house in a game is just capital A: Awesome."

Overall he gave Wizard101 a 88/100! That is a B+ XD

Here is the link to the page. warning!                                                                                                     This page contains language that may not be suitable for younger children:
Widescreen Warrior's Review


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